Supplies and Services

Boat Rentals and Charter Yachts Broker

   All NYC Yachts, Regina and Ed. 212-873-7558, allnycyachts.com


Jim Dias, 800-426-2825, [email protected]

Marine supplies

West Marine (5th - 6th Avenues on 37th)


   McKinney Welding Supply, 600 W. 52nd St, 212-246-4305 -can swap 20 pounders and up but if you want your own tank refilled, it may take 2-3 business days

   Lukoil gas station, Route 46 in Ft. Lee, NJ - if you need an immediate refill of your own tank



   John, Dive-Tech - Replacement of zincs, hull cleanings, etc. 201-820-7420

   Robert, Scuba NY 914-779-2966, scubany.com

Repair ,maintenance and upkeep of motor yachts and sailing yachts.
    USCG Captain Serge Michaut , call: 917-6473621. E-mail: [email protected]

   Colvin Hutchins - 718-925-5976

 Engines - Precision Marine

 Refrigeration - Alert Refrigeration

 Rigging - Jeff at Consolidated Shipyard, City Island

Sails - Paul at Doyle Ploch Sails, City Island

Upholstery, custom sheets and curtains - Mercia Coelhos, 212-874-1208.


   Darren at Nautilux, 908-227-9463, nautiluxcanvas.com, [email protected]

   Harry Parker, 201-652-5219

   Tony at Hudson Boat Canvas, 973-626-1846, [email protected]

   David at Island Style Marine Canvas Repair, 707-338-8789


   Larry Watkins, 518-791-0407, [email protected]


   USCG.capt. Serge Michaut , call: 917-6473621. E-mail: [email protected]

Seminars and Courses

                North River Sail and Power Squadron Boating Classes

                North River Sail an Power Squadron Seminars

                I Learn to Boat Courses I Learn to Boat is the first fully interactive boat safety course to be approved by state and regulatory agencies.


                Hudson River - NY Harbor  to Wappinger's Creek

              NY Harbor - Sandy Hook to Manhattan

              Atlantic Coast charts

 Websites and Blogs

                US Coast Guard

             Stevens Institute of Technology Center For Maritime Systems

             Boat US

             Powerboat Magazine     

               Hudson River Watertrail Association

               PortSide NewYork

               NY Watertrail Blog

               Working Harbor

               North River, New York Sailing Blog

               The Safe Harbor

               NY Harbor Webcam



                NYHOPS (New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System) by Dr. Michael Bruno and Dr. Alan Blumberg

Soundings (October, 2011) "Destination: New York City" by Stephen Blakely

Hell Gate: Names of Fear, Fear of Names by Michael Nichols


                "The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell" by Mark Kurlansky

             "At Sea in the City" by William Kornblum

             "The Hudson: a history" by Tom Lewis

             "The Other Islands of New York City: a Historical Companion" by Sharon Seitz and Stuart Miller

             2014 NYS Boaters Guide - http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/nysparks/boatersguide2014/

79th St Boat Basin Newsletters

W. 79th
St Boat
Basin History
- Life after the Boat
Basin: Cindy Kane
and Doron
New blood
- Caroling
- Leslie Day’s book
- That’s my
neighbor? Jane
- Basin staff talent:
Marc Brown
Basin Alumni
- Pfantasy pfuture: rates revert to 1938 prices for 70th anniversary
W. 79th
St Boat
Basin History
- Life after the Boat
Basin: Alf Hansen
- You must have
been a beautiful
baby: Bri Wood
That’s my
Frances Gaffney
- Recent Basin
Press coverage
- Jane Clegg’s
birthday party
- Boat Basin staff:
Marc Brown’s new
Basin Alumni
- BB Tea, Literary
and Duckwatching
- Pfantasy pfuture: dredging survey
- D Dock
W. 79th
St Boat
Basin History –
Day One
- Life after the Boat
Basin - Josh
- Basin Baby
- Ray the Rower
That’s my
neighbor? Werner
- D Dock Diaspora
- BB Tea, Literary
and Duckwatching
- New contract late
Basin Alumni
- Alumni re-union
berths for alums
- Pfantasy pfuture: self dredging
W. 79th
St Boat
Basin History :
The Cat Burglar
- Life after the Boat
Basin: Mel Snyder
- Alumni marriage
That’s my
neighbor? Simone
- Pampered pets:
Henry the Duck
- All the news that
Basin Alumni
- Alumni Re-union
- Pfantasy pfuture:
- D Dock’s done
- Fleet Week parade
Life after the Boat
Basin: Jeannie
Preece and John
- Alumna marriage:
Mariah Carey
That’s my
neighbor? Nat
- Basin staff :
Sheldon’s baby
- Pampered pets:
- Basin boats for
Basin Alumni
- Linda Reilly’s
photo selected
Life after the Boat
Basin: Hana
Basin Alumni
Life after the
Boat Basin: Benno
Van Noort, Lew Wood,
Julia Jordan, Jonathan Asch, Cindy Kane, Paul Minkoff
- Boat Basin Alumni
- Near sinking
- Lettie G Howard
- Susie Cordon
- Queen Elizabeth II
- That’s my
neighbor? Dick
- Pfantasy Pfuture: Parks' Vision of Beauty
Saro Liotta    

Pre-Basin pics

Russ Johnson

Life After the Boat Basin


"Nations R Us" by Simone di Bagno

Ample Harvest -Gary Oppenheimer

Jasmine Rios

Marina Day

July 4th Fireworks

Cat TRying to HideUnder Barge

Pfantasy Pfuture: Winter water hoses

Riverside Drive

Past Basin pics

"My Turn" by Jill Baker

"The Lucid Body" by Faye Simpson

Frank Marshall blog

Births and Deaths

Argo's 100th birthday

Basin media articles

Nat Lichtwar on Oprah Show

Gary Oppenheimer CNN Hero

Dick DeBartoo Inkpot Award

"Fiel Guide to the Street Trees of New York City" by Leslie Day

Parks Proposed Rules Changes

Births and Deaths

Pfantasy Pfuture: Dredging

Inwood houseboats

Past Basin pics

Richie Havens

Shuttle/747 pic

Parks rules changes

Gary Oppenheimer

Rising sea levels

Pfantasy Pfuture: Dredging

Issue 13

1919 Submarines at Basin

Harlem River liveaboards

Support letter - Meg Berlin

Frank Marshall

Richard Hudson

Superstorm Sandy

A Dock design plus Community Board 7 presentation

Jonathan Horvath

Steve Schnee



Not Ready For Primetime Carolers

Pfantasy Pfuture: Commissioner White: A Dock design does not float her boat

Issue 14

Early NYC Liveaboards

OpSail '76

Steve Knee

Richie Havens

“Quarterly” meetings

Leah Oppenheimer

Bernie Karl

Gale Brewer

Ken Biberaj

Flood24 flood forecasting

Departures quandary

Seniority system quandary

Legal fees quandary

Pfantasy pfuture:

Parks will work with Basin boaters

Issue 15

1924 chart

59th St - 72nd St rail yards

Troy Porter - 1994 commendation

Parks goals for Basin - 1997

Lew Wood

Bill Tobin

Past Basin celebrities

Quarterly Meetings - quandary


Security - quandary

Susie Karl

Tonia's circumnavigation

Henry Terry's lawsuit

Steve Knee's memorial servic

Legal fees

Recent Basin celebrities


Pfantasy Pfuture - restoration of services


Issue 16

- Pre-Basin

– maps

Basin History

- Marriage – Ari Abramson

- Deaths – Phil Argiroff, John Doswell, Roger Hegewald, Ray Stephens

- Birth – Aya Moon Nishiura

- Legal fees

- Holidays Caroling party

- Basin winter video

- A Dock Replacement

- Pfantasy pfuture: Dredging

- Basin Tea, Literary and Duckwatching Society meetings

- Parting proverb

Issue 17

Pre-Basin: NYPL images of Riverside Park and Drive

Life after the Boat Basin: Dean Bragonier swim

Deaths: Jim Marsten



Holidays Caroling Party

Winter 2015-2016 prep

A Dock Replacement

Pumpout Stations

Fire protection

Bernie Karl rehab

Visit to Argo

Prelude For Sale

Visit by Hana


Crain's Business article on ferries expansion

Pfantasy Pfuture: Basin debris removal

Parting proverb


Issue 18


Pre-Basin: Hooverville on the Hudson

Basin: Simone and Saro, 1999 NYC Liveaboards article

Life After the Boat Basin: Delta Willis

Deaths: Robin Hulton, Charlie Kuskin


A Dock Ribbon Cutting

Dock carts

Holidays Caroling Party

Jan's Gift of Life Award

West Side Rag article-Winter at the Boat Basin

NY Times Article - Jane Clegg

NY Times article - Whale

Deaths: Glen Gari, Phil Sherman

Pfantasy Pfuture - Wakes task force

Parting proverb