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Design and Development Introduction

(this page will disappear when flood24 is available to public)


Flood24 Goal

The goal of Flood24 is to lessen the impact of future flooding from storm surges on homeowners, businesses, governments, health care, infrastructure and responders by giving them real time location-specific flooding information.

FLOOD24 Objectives

  • Provide more precise real time location-specific flooding information:

      • When will it flood?

      • How deep?

      • When will it recede?

  • Give local meaning to a storm surge of 6 - 11 feet.

  • Lessen damages, injuries and deaths from floods and storm surges

  • Provide access to Flood24 across smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop platforms

  • Provide access via 311

  • Provide Earliest Level of Flooding (ELF) to locations in an area well before storm via 311 and local fire and police units

  • Provide more precise information to media so that media can state the current water level and forecasted water level at the Battery to compare to individual ELFs

  • First version: NYC metro area with Sandy data

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Before you begin the prototype:

Imagine that you're that person standing in the street with a smartphone accessing flood24 to help decide whether to move basement contents to the first or second floor, whether the car needs to be moved to higher ground and whether to evacuate the family now.

Imagine that you're home and you want to check the flooding forecast at your mother's house in the Far Rockaways.

Imagine that your boat is at a floating dock in a marina and you have to decide whether you want to haul out in the nearest boatyard.

Imagine that it's your decision whether the nursing home should be evacuated as the storm approaches.

Imagine that your train yard is full of locomotives,passenger cars and box cars and you have to decide whether to move them to higher locations.


I'm interested in the information content you should have to make better decisions as the storm approaches, better ways to define the content, better sources of elevation data, etc.

I'm not interested in formatting or page layouts at this time. Flood24 will be formatted responsively for smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktops as it goes online live.

The displays in this prototype are not interactive at this time. At the foot of each page is a Feedback link for you to email any suggestions or changes to the content. I need to flush out as many changes as I can up front before code is developed for the interactive displays.

Flood24 is a non-profit project.


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